Saturday, January 28, 2006

Actor in Waiting

Howdie All,

This post goes out to all the actors just starting out. It also goes out to all the non-actors who want to understand what actors go through.

What is an audition. Websters defines it as "an interview for a particular job consisting of a practical demonstration on one's abilities or skills". BINGO! It's a job interview.

Every actor has gone through it at one point in their career... the AUDITION. There is so much at steak, you could litteraly have a meltdown trying to over analyze it. Then when you don't get a part or a callback, you over analyze what you did wrong or what you could have done differently resulting in meltdown number two which leads to depression and drugs. A majority of the time, the decision is out of your control. So why go through it? For the love of the art... man!

So what is like waiting around to audition? One word... PAINFUL! It really does not matter what level you are at; whether it be an actor just starting out or an A-list Star... the waiting is the hardest part (I just stole that from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers).

As an actor, you hone your "craft" your entire life searching for the right combination of character, talent, and opportunity. When all three collide you get magic on screen or stage. The key is being prepared so that when opportunity knocks, you can step up and hit it out of the park. One Audition can litterally change your life. So why stress yourself out over something so out of you control? Because you just can't help but think woulda, coulda, shoulda. It's only human.

As an actor you need to take each audition as an opportunity to perform. Why not have fun with it. You never know what it might lead to. Even if you don't get a callback, the Casting Director may have you in mind for something else. Don't ruin your chances by asking questions. There are so many stories of actor destroying their chances at success because they asked the wrong question before or after an audition. Just shut up, do the work, say "Thank You" and leave. After the audition is over reflect a bit on what you did and then let it go. Get your mind off of it. It is now out of your control so why fret... right? See a movie, work on your garden, take your dog for a walk. Do anything to forget about it.

If you get a callback... Awesome. They liked something you did. Be prepared to do it again, but also, be prepared and open for an adjustment or "note" as we call it. Relaxing in an audition is the hardest part. I try breathing and focusing on what needs to be accomplished... the work. Callbacks can be intimidating because everyone is there. The Casting Director, The Director, The Producer, The Client (in commercial auditions), and little old you. Focus on the work.

Auditioning takes practice. Kobe Bryant didn't just score 81 points by talent alone; He practiced. The more you audition, the better you get. If you can't audition, take a class.

To me, auditioning is fun. I love being called in for something. It's an opportunity to perform, it's an opportunity to be seen. It's an opportunity to work. It is a challenge. I Love it. Waiting for that opportunity is life. Enjoy it and live it.

Next Blog... Life on the set of [scrubs]

Friday, January 20, 2006

Scrubs 100th Episode... and Parte'


Hey, just a quick reminder that [scrubs] 100th episode airs this Tuesday at 9pm on NBC. Yah, I know, we are up against CSI "the original" and American Idol. That's why you have a VCR or, better yet, TIVO or even Ultimate TV c/o Gary who works for Microsoft.

ANYWAY, so I get this call a few weeks ago from Benner/Romano casting who, by the way, cast all the parts on [scrubs].
I figure they were calling to let me know that I'm on watch next week for the show. To my surprise, they were letting me know that I am invited to the 100th episode party and that an invitation would be sent within the week.

Then a few days latter I get a call from my agent telling me I'm on watch for [scrubs] next week. Cool. So every day I'm checking the mail for my invite to the party, right and every day it's not there. Bummer. Maybe, they forgot or maybe they decided that they didn't want a bunch of wannabe actors hanging around. Oh well.

So the next week I got to work on [scrubs] and get to do my first scene of the new year with Zach. My actual line is something like "Dr. Dorian, Mrs. Levin won't take her medication?". So I rehearse it a few times in my room, not paying too much attention to the actual line but actually just getting the flow of it. Then I am called to reheasal on the 2nd floor of the set. So the director, Adam Bernstein, goes through how the camera is to move throughout the scene and we are walking through our lines and basically it was a piece of cake, right???! Or so I thought???! After rehearsal the script girl comes up to me and tells me that she was not aware that we changed the name to Mrs. Jenkins. Too which it dawned on me that I had unconsciously changed the name in my head without me catching it to which Zach chimed in "yah I just went with it because that's how I roll". To which I replied "My Bad" and blew it off as no big deal. So while the crew lights the set I go back down to my room to try to figure out how the hell I screwed up the name. After feeling like shit and thinking what a great way to start of the new year, it dawned on me. The name came from talking to Ken Jenkins who plays Dr. Bob Kelso. You see, earlier that morning I was in the hair and makeup room waiting for the ladies to tell me "Your good Aaron" which basically means all the primping and prodding I had done before I left the house paid off. Anyway, Ken came in and introduced himself to me and we started talking about Hawaii and stuff. Well, he left such an impression on me that my pee brain decided to "write" his name into the scene. Fucking amazing how i figure this shit out. So I am called to set to shoot and we do the scene. No other big problems other then me coming in a little too early on the frist few takes. Lesson learned that day... always bring your sides to rehearsal even if you don't have any lines, of which I always do, but didn't that day thinking I got it... riiiiight.

So getting back to the invite. After the scene I came back to the room to find my invite in my room to which I immediately opened it. It was real basic... Party... 7-11pm... Address... RSVP. Cool. I called the Wifey who was hounding me about the invite more then my subconscious. I a way my wife took over the duties of my subconscious giving my brain a much needed break. So when I talked to my Wife she made sure, as wifes do, to drill me on what everyone else is wearing. So while hanging out between scenes, I candidly ask Jordan what she's wearing. Then I candidly ask Travis what he's wearing. Ok so something hip and cool. While driving home I talked to the wifey about what to wear to which she replies "I need to go shopping".

So we go shopping and o make a long story even longer she find the perfect outfit all the way down to the shoes which always happens to me but never happens to her. For some odd reason it became a bizarro universe. The next day, Saturday, I get up early and head down to the mall on my own and wouldn't you know it I find the perfect pair of pants and the perfect pair of shoes, both on sale. There is a god.

So we decide to leave a little early and grab some dinner before knowing full well there would be ho'r d'ours. I figure we could go to our favorite Grand Lux Cafe but traffic puts my timeline back by 15 minutes which would probably make us late even by hollywood standards. So i cruise by Jones which doesn't open until 7pm, 30 minutes won't cut it. So we walk across the street to Pomodorro... Perfect. Nothing too big or expensive. Quick service and a clean grade "A" restaurant.

We a rolling and it's 7:15pm... Perfect (think Ken Watanabe in The Last Samurai). We turn on N.Ivar on our way to the Cabana Club, formerly know as the Sunset Room. The red carpet is out the Papparazi are there but it's not that crowded. Were we too early??? It's fricken 7:30pm right on schedule. Anyway, we valet the car and check in at the front table and are given wrist bands and whisked in past a 10 foot line of photographers and another 7 foot line of videographers in front of one of those big boards with [scrubs] 100th episode printed all over it. No one knows me so no pictures are snapped. I mean, why waste a slot on a little digital card on a picture of an up and coming actor, right??? if only they knew.

So the party is rather cool. The club is an indoor/outdoor setting with a cool little pool on the outside surrounded by palms and cabanas. The inside is a quaint dance floor/bar set up. So the wifey and I head for the bar where the drinks are free.. well almost. You still have to tip the bartenders which is no biggie. Before we make it to the bar, we are blocked by Donald Faison being interviewed by TV guide, which last a few minutes. We say "hi" to Randall Winston the producer of the show. Everyone is there. The entire cast including all the past characters. I get a pat on the back by Bill Lawrence the Executive Producer and Creator of [scrubs]. Thats when I get a sense of family with this gang. A tight knit group that works hard and plays harder. So we kind of group up with the other interns on the show Jordan, Travis, and Shaughn and their dates. We don't too much socializing but just enjoy the scenery. After a few drinks, some make shift hob nobbing, a nice cigar and a few more drinks we decide to call it a night. Also, Randall makes an announcement saying that they are going to open the club up to the public but we can hang in the VIP room, hence the wrist bands. Nah, we are both tweeked and have had enough.

That's when we get outside to the zoo. You see it's Saturday night and there is a line to get in and all the kooks are out. Yes, it is a full moon but that has nothing to do with it. We finally find a valet to take out ticket and we wait and wait and wait. While we were, um, waiting, Bentleys and Porches are pulling up. Limos with a dozen girls dressed in nothing bounce to the club. The place is a Zoo. Finally, I spot our Chevy Tahoe and we Jet out of there with the wifey driving. Cigars make me delirious. So ends an outstanding evening. A little star watching, Zach was with Mandy Moore. A little bit of food, wifey loves the deserts. A little cocktail, Jack and Coke anyone. All topped off by a nice cigar, Macanudo No. 5.... yah!

A beautiful evening and I forgot my camera. Luckily there was a Rite Aid around the corner. As soon as I develop my instamatic I'll post the pix on my website.

Next week... what it's like to be an actor waiting for an audition.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Happy New Year

ALOHA and WELCOME to the "Official" Aaron Ikeda's Actor blog.

Happy New Year Everyone. May 2006 bless you with good health and good fortune.
In case you were wondering, I had to use the word "official" because there have been recent issues regarding the validity of some of the"other" Aaron Ikeda websites. Please don't get them confused with the Aaron Ikeda "Genius" website or the Aaron Ikeda "Sexiest Man of the Year" website. As we all know, there are many copies but only one original. Luckily, you have happened upon a one of a kind offering to the public which, for a limited time, will be available only to you. As we say in the business "Moving On"!

I just finished yet another episode on the emmy award winning (for editing) comedy series [scrubs]!!!
For those of you not familiar with the show, allow me to bring you up to speed. [scrubs] is currently airing back to back, 1/2 hour episodes at 9:00pm and 9:30pm on Tuesdays on NBC. [scrubs] is set in a fictional hospital named "Sacred Heart" whose where abouts are unknown but somewhere in the United States. "Sacred Heart" hospital is run by the chief of medicine Dr. Bob Kelso (played by Ken Jenkins). The regular staff of Doctors at "Sacred Heart" are Dr. John "JD" Dorian JD (played by Zach Braff), Dr. Elliot Reid, a female (played by Sarah Chalke), Dr. Chris Turk (played by Donald Faison), Dr. Perry Cox (played by John C. McGinley), Dr. Robert Maschio (played by Todd Quinlan) and Dr. Doug Murphy (played by Johnny Kastl). Also on staff at "Sacred Heart" are Nurse Carla Espinosa (played by Judy Reyes), Nurse Laverne Roberts (played by Aloma Wright), Administrator Sam Lloyd (played by Ted Buckland), Administrator Jordan Sullivan (played by Christa Miller Lawrence) and the janitor (played by Neil Flynn).

I play "Rex", one of five featured interns on the show. The other interns are "Keith" (played by Travis Shuldt), "Jason" (played by Shaughn Buchholz), "Lisa" (played by Jordan Zucker), and "Gloria" (played by Christina Miles).

The latest episode #514 is entitled "My Own Personal Hell". Due to an actors honorable duty, I am sworn to secrecy. Besides, I wouldn't want to spoil any plot lines. All I ask is that you watch the show and laugh your asses off the couch.

I want to send a shout out to all my [scrub] homies Bill, ZB, Donald, Sarah, Ken, John C., Neil, Johnny K, Randall, Adam, Travis, Shaughn, Jordan, Christina, and the rest of the great cast and crew. Special thanks to Brett, Debby, Blythe, and Matt of Romano/Benner casting for casting me.

I am very fortunate to have landed a recurring role on a major show such as [scrubs]. Today, I did a little soul searching while driving my SUV down a very crowded 110 freeway. I was on my way to pick-up my new set of headshots for my new theatrical agent AlVARADO REY, when I noticed a bunch of billboards advertising every kind of TV show or movie. I mean, how could you not notice them. Bombarded by everything from soft drinks to Lawyers to Fast food. Not only did I start to get hungry but I started to pay close attention to which network or studio was creating the show. That's when it dawned on me how fortunate I am to have landed a role on [scrubs] and on NBC. Acting as a profession is such a tough business. Not only do you not know when your next pay check may be, you also have to deal with the fact that you will be rejected more then you will be accepted. I found that the key is in you. It starts with you and ends with you. All the other forces that come into play are really out of your control. If that is the case, why hang on to the grief. let it go and move on. If you ever wondered why actors make such interesting as people, it's not because of the fame and fortune. It's because of the countless stories of personal struggle that were fought up to that point. Every actor has searched their inner souls long and hard and asked the questions "who am I" and "what can I accomplish in my lifetime". The obstacles are too numerous to name. The perserverance is unimaginable. For me, this is a great start to a career I have always imagined.
I promise you, that I will be less serious in the future.

During my work this week, I was invited to the [scrubs] 100th episode party.... very cool! I'll keep you posted.

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Be good everyone and keep on blogging,