Tuesday, October 30, 2007

SCRUBS viewing party & season 6 DVD release.

Hey Sportsfans (ZB actually stole that from me... kidding),

Anyhoo (I just pinched ZB with that one)... I was invited to a viewing party for the debut of SCRUBS 7th and final season. It took place about a week before the network debut and was held at the Pacific Design Center on Melrose Avenue just below West Hollywood. For those of you who live outside of LA, the PDC is a big mall like building that houses every thing you need to furnish your home. Mostly 'Shi Shi' stuff for high end homes. Although, I must admit, most of the spaces were empty. It is often used for post Oscar parties and conventions.

We arrived to a valet out front who took off with my SUV like he was late to pick-up his kids or something. Needless to say all valets in LA drrive the same way, RECKLESSLY. I am satisfied knowing I have auto insurance, a enough cash for a cab, and a good lawyer.

So we get up stairs and it's a really small, quiant, intimate space with a bunch of show rooms grouping together into a house-like atmosphere. Add a DJ, some cool sofas, hor d'eurs and drinks sponsored by Saphire Vodka... and you have yourself a very happening joint. They even had one room that had a revolving floor similar to those gaudy restaurants you find at the top of those high buildings. I guess the shindig was sponsored by Hollywood Life magazine because most of the people I did not know but I do say 'Hi' to a few who I do.

Close your eyes it's name drop time... Zach, Donald, Neil, Johnny C, Sam, Robert, Judy, Ken, Shaughn, Producer Randall and the man, Bill. It was good to see everyone relaxing and having a good time.

We were all pretty tweaked by the time they showed Episode 701 'My Own Worst Enemy' so needless to say, we were all laughing at the jokes. Bill made a little speech saying this being the last season, that we would go out with a bang. So Sportsfans, be prepared for some major wackiness, tons of cameo and guest stars from the past, and just plain old fun.

We left rather early at 11pm. I'll post some picture as soon as I get them developed... just kidding. I'll post them under party pix like McSoon.

Also, Don't forget to run out and pick up SCRUBS DVD Season 6 which drops this Tuesday. I do a short and probably boring interview on my experiences on the show. Also, Please comment back and let me know what you think. I have no idea if I'm even on it so no promises... Okie Dokie!

In the immortal words of one funny looking alien guy... Beeeee Gooooood,


SCRUBS season 6 DVD on sale TODAY!!!

Hey Homos,

...Sapiens, that is... anyhoo, SCRUBS season 6 dropped today... I just ran down to Best Buy, Stood in a humongous line, and forked out $25 bucks to see myself on TV again... I'm a Narcissist, OKAY!!! In fact, I'm watching it right now.

Oh, by the by, I did a short interview during the summer and the funny thing is, I'm actually in it. Me talking about my evil alter-ego "Rex". To see me is really easy:

1) buy the SCRUBS season 6 DVD... I did!
2) open the package using a very sharp object.
3) be careful not to hurt yourself.
4) Open the DVD player, place disk 3 into tray, close the DVD Player and press play if you have one of those really old ones that don't start on their own.
5) goto bonus features, then goto MORE.
6) goto "The Third Tier" and sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.
7) after watching it, comment back and let me know what you thought like...
Dude, you looked fat; or You're stupid funny; or I like asian... cuizine!

Also, the DVDs are loaded with bonuses like commentaries and stuff so check it out.

Catch U Latah, Ai

Ps. This is not a paid endorsement by the show... they pay me yes... but they didn't pay me to say this.


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