Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I just finished principal photography for a new Best Buy commercial with Will Smith!

Hey My Peeps,

Guess what? Futt, thats what... kidding!

I just completed principle photography for a new Best Buy commercial with Will Smith! Yup, er... well not exactly. It’s to promote his new movie "HANCOCK"! He plays a homeless superhero... oh, never mind just watch this clip:

The Best Buy spot starts after this clip:

We are the family on the boat that the whale crashes into. To make a long story, longer... we end up being the ones responsible for filming the whale using a SONY camcorder. Why SONY... because SONY made the movie, silly. It’s a tie-in spot for Hancock-Sony-Best Buy.

Anyway, we filmed the whole thing over at Falls Lake on the Universal Lot. Falls Lake was recently used for a massive tomb set for National Treasure: Book of Secrets with Nicolas Cage. It’s also recently been used for Evan Almighty (Ark sequence) and Pirates of the Caribbean: World’s End. It was pretty sick. We had boat wreckage and water skis, and swimmers in wet suits. The Lake was heated to 75 degrees so being in water for 5 hours was like taking a super long tub bath. The Producer said that we were going to shoot it in the ocean but we wouldn’t have lasted more then an hour being that the California water temperature is about 56 degrees... Thank God!

Although our call-time was 8am, we didn’t actually get into the water until about 1pm. The great thing is that we shot right through until about 6:15 when the sun was setting. Naturally, we were pressed for time but it seemed like we got all the shots in. We were all wearing wet suits under our clothes which kept things nice and warm. It was actually warmer in the water then out of it. The only challenge was that the wet suits did leak so with the extra weight, it made getting out of the water a little more difficult. So for me do to a gazzillion takes climbing out of the water on to the boat wreckage was challenging. I was like a baby monk seal flopping onto a dock... but wearing human clothes.

For more on Falls lake at Universal go here

for more on HANCOCK go here

Special Thanks go to my Agent Hugh Leon and his assistant Dawn at Coast to Coast.
Danielle Eskinazi casting and Doug Traer session director.
The Director Sebastian, Producer Mark, 1st AD Jonathan, 2nd AD Mike, and the great Crew at RSA for a smooth shoot.
My cast mates Sue Tan (Whale Wife), Christian Fan (Whale Son),
Christian’s mom Sunny (for taking pictures while I was in the water), and Francesca (the Best Buy girl).

Anyway, you should see it, Hopefully, in about 6 weeks so keep your eyes peeled and let me know. "Hancock" opens July 4th weekend so you know it’s going to be a big deal.
Now, I’m going to Disney Land!

B Good Y’all, Ai


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