Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Season 5 Wrap Party in Las Vegas

You know your lucky when you get to party in Las Vegas, at the Palms, with the cast and crew of "Scrubs".
Ok, so wifey and I fly into Vegas, Baby, and check in to the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. We hit the pool, which is a wave pool with a fake beach, kinda phony for a guy from Hawaii, but fun non the less. Check out the casino and shopping. Grab a bite to eat. Sleep. Get ready and leave for the party at about 8:30 pm.

Of course, I forgot my camera again so we buy a not so cheapie, disposable "Palms" camera for $20... what a rip ___. Anyway, we breeze by the red carpet and paparazzi and get in the club... RAIN. This place is huge. I literally thought that no one was there because they have a huge dance floor, and a huge bar on the next floor, all within plain view from the entrance. I could see a total of 20 people. I was ready to turn in early. Little did I know everyone was on the super secret VIP third level.

We grab some drinks and head up 2 flights of stairs to the back bar and a bunch of rooms that resemble a hotel room with couches, over looking the dance floor. That's where we find everyone. There were about 200+ cast and crew people jammed into this little area or group of areas abot the size of a luxury box at some sports stadium, not that I have ever been in one but you get the idea.

We first run into Christina Miles who plays "Gloria" and we kinda hung out the rest of the evening together. When you see the photos you'll understand. We ran into everyone on the show and behind the scenes. I won't bore you with the sordid details but we had an excellent time getting drunk and whooping it up. I will point out a few highlights:

The first person I ran into was Robert Maschio "The Todd' who is the sweetest guy... he paid me a complement.
I ran into Bob, he plays the colonel doctor and was the very first person I met on the set, my very first day.
Christina did an encore of her kiss with the hook handed security guard played by Producer Randal Winston... I was rolling.
I finally found my buddy Travis litteraly hiding out by the bar playing it cool. I was happy to see him.
My wife was bold enough to ask Zach and Donald for a photo op in which they we so graciously abliged.
Bill Lawrence made an announcement that he is looking forward to season 6... however nothing is for sure in Hollywood.
Zach told us the interns were only supposed to be on 2 episodes but Bill felt good about writting us in and bringing us back.
Donald told me to have fun tonight... he was feeling good and was wearing a necklace that lit up with the words "single".
Johnny Kastl booked a Reebok/NBA commercial that will air soon... we have the same commercial agent.
We saw but did not talk to Mandy Moore. Ditto with Sarah.
MIA were Ken Jenkins John C. McGinley, and Judy Reyes.
Neil Flynn was the tallest one there. Randall Winston was second.
Everyone looked so different all gussied up that I didn't recognize a bunch of crew members... I also had my beer goggles on.
We missed the after party because I was ready to throw up after smoking a cigar and drinking shots of Crown.
We got a goodie bag containing an early release of [scrubs] season 3 DVD.

I felt like a dork all night... I couldn't remember names, faces, directions, and I was constantly beating myself up instead of asking for help... see what a dork I am... damn alcohol. I think I'll quit drinking from now on.

We had a fun time and a semi memorable night, due to heavy drinking and smoking (of cuban cigars not weed).

Look for pix to posted on the website... hopefully soon.